Business Hours

Admission Fee

Temporarily Out Ticket

Available time

The maximum stay is 12 hours. if you stay longer than 24 hours, you will have to pay the admission fee again.

Style(choose either one of them)

Entrance Conditions

  1. From 18 years old to 50s.
  2. Larger or thicker body type.
  3. Those who love a thicker body shape.
  4. Must be willing to wear masks and undergarments in all areas of the store.
  5. Confirming age is probably requested. You might be refused to enter if you cannot cooperate.
  6. Children under 18 years old and high school students are not allowed to enter.

Rules / Prohibitions

  1. Please take off your shoes at the entrance. No shoes.
  2. We cannot store your luggage.
  3. Please do not bring in food and drink.
  4. Drinking and eating in the store is strictly prohibited.
  5. Please do not talk loudly or make calls with cell phones in the store.
  6. If you take a picture with a mobile phone, digital camera, etc., or any other acts around suspicion, you will be asked to leave the store immediately.
  7. Please lock the private room to have fun.
  8. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.
  9. Customers with poor etiquette or cause inconvenience to other customers may be asked to leave the store.
  10. If the locker key is lost or the equipment is damaged, the actual cost will be charged.
  11. If malicious mischief is discovered, we will notify the police.
  12. Our shop does not take any responsibility for theft or loss.